Usage instructions

The device is designed to measure the amount of water consumed on conventional water valves. Allows you to instantly display the amount of drainage water and the commutative amount of drained water. The discharge indicator is measurable and can also be used with other water users. The device operates in a temperature range from 0 ° C to 80 ° C. The pipe fitting can be used in most conventional fittings. The device has a resolution of 0.1l.

After opening the valve on the tap, water will start automatically. The display shows:


At the opening of the valve fittings, LCD meter automatically turns on and starts measuring the amount of water flow. When the user closes the valve, meter in ten seconds, showing the amount of water flow, then the device is turned off. After two minutes of work is driven alternately displaying the actual value of the water used and the symbols - - - -


Pressing the button on the side surface of the LCD display indicates the total water consumption since the last adjustment device. In this position, the unit for 2 seconds shows the total water consumption. Value reset or adjust the unit so that the button with the stick down until the value is zero (0).


If the screening value in position P2 press the button again to set the position of the unit P3. Position P3 shows the total water consumption by the readout device. Value cannot be canceled or reset except for complete device settings.


The meter of water consumption displays the time from the consumption of water. This can be reset to the initial value of 0 (zero) by holding down the side.