Counter installation

The kit contains the following components:

  • LCD display (position 1 in the picture below),
  • Tube fitting with turbine (position 2 in the figure below),
  • Perlator (position 3 in the figure below),
  • Seal (position 4 in the figure below),
  • Instructions for use and warranty.

Technical data of the device

Battery: 1 x 3v, type CR1632

LCD screen: 1 inch (inch)

Accuracy: 0.1 l

Max. amount of display: 9999 l

Cleaning and maintenance of the device

Clean the display and the hose nipple with a dry or moist soft cloth. Do not use aggressive cleaners or hard objects for cleaning. Before cleaning, remove the display from the hose. Do not touch the LCD screen when cleaning. The inside of the tube attachment can be cleaned only with moderate the flow of clean water.